Wildlife Conservation

Typically, when someone mentions the term ‘wildlife’ we tend to imagine charismatic megafauna such as Tigers and Elephants roaming around in dense jungles. But wildlife doesn’t just include these animals. Wildlife in recent times has come to mean everything from habitats like grasslands, rainforests, deserts, oceans to known and yet unknown species of fungi, plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians etc.! Anything that is not domesticated in short! Wildlife conservation is essentially protecting the planet in its pristine condition along with all its diverse life forms from human greed, development, biotic cleansing, unsustainable industrial growth etc. It is a state of harmony between man and land and respect for every life form!

Ever since the dawn of modern civilization, humans have attempted to control and exploit the very planet that makes human survival possible.

Nature, in all its glory was abundant everywhere on the planet before the era of industrialization began. During the mid 19th century, colonialism lead to changing land use patterns and an over exploitation of the natural resources. Cities, rails, roads, farms and industries were established everywhere and wildlife began to suffer. Hundreds of birds and mammals were hunted to extinction – either for their meat or as a sport. Rapid urbanization and population explosion destroyed the wilderness and gave way to an increasingly industrialized society.

150 years or so later here we are – in the middle of the 6th mass extinction in the history of the planet and one species is responsible – Homo sapiens. The present rate of extinction is a whooping 140,000 species per year, i.e. almost 100 times the natural rate of extinction! According to research studies, all the previous mass extinctions on the planet were due to natural or environmental causes. But the current mass extinction has, as it’s primary underlying cause – human population growth. We have cleansed the planet and converted it solely for human use.

Today, climate change presents a very real threat not only to us but also to all the other surviving life forms who cohabit the planet with us. Apart from climate change, habitat loss and fragmentation, poaching, illegal wildlife pet trade, pollution (noise, air, water and land).

At C.R.O.W., we take conservation very seriously. Although we are primarily a rehab shelter, we believe that each one of us irrespective of what we do can promote and take part in conservation. Through rehab, we not only help individuals suffering due to human activities we also help people understand nature better. After all, just like it’s stupidity to cut the branch you are sitting on it’s absolutely insane to destroy the only planet that is capable of supporting life! To this end, we help nature heal itself by eradicating the damages caused by human activities. We also conduct short term studies on critically endangered species in order to fill the knowledge gap and influence policy decisions. We provide everyday solutions to people in order to help them live a more natural and carbon neutral life. It is our deepest hope that all of us collectively realize the damage done to this wonderful planet and start on the road to recovery.