“To inspire a fascination and understanding of the natural world that will influence the public to make informed decisions about how they interact with the environment.”

Conservation and Rehabilitation of Wildlife (C.R.O.W.) is an independent, charitable, non governmental and volunteer based organization. It is situated on the outskirts of Rajkot city in the state of Gujarat. The center was started in 2014 by a small group of people with a common vision and very little funding. It is run and managed by the Rehabilitation for Wildlife Trust (Regd. No. E/ 9894/Rajkot) registered under the Bombay Public
Trusts Act, 1950. The center is a registered charity under section 12AA of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Since it’s inception in 2014, the center has been dedicated to offering a reliable and high quality resource for the rehabilitation of all orphaned, abandoned, injured or incapacitated urban wildlife. C.R.O.W. also strives to educate the public and create awareness about various issues related to wildlife, emphasizing humane solutions to human-wildlife conflicts and interactions.

The center runs mainly on income generated by way of small donations from kindhearted people.

The center is currently spread out over approximately 3 acres of land on the banks of the river Aji. The overall landscape of the center can be divided into two levels. The upper level houses mainly the Director’s residence, guest rooms for visiting vets, a plant nursery and a lawn/display area. The lower half currently holds one ground water well, a small natural pond, an orchard and one enclosure. The proposed flight pens, mews and aviaries along with the hospital and other units are to be developed on this level.

The center and it’s surrounding areas boast of a rich diversity of flora and fauna. Our inventories have recorded over 90 species of birds, 24 species of mammals, 8 species of lizards and 11 species of snakes. In addition, due to the presence of a natural lake nearby there are many species of amphibians. Our campus has a rich variety of native bird friendly trees, which provide ample shelter to the birds.
“To provide medical care for injured and orphaned birds of prey with the goal of returning them to their natural habitat and to foster a connection between people and wildlife through education.”

To rescue injured, orphaned, abandoned and incapacitated wild birds and animals in distress and provide them with veterinary treatment and general care and strive to rehabilitate them back into the wild after ascertaining the sustainability of the habitat.

To use specially developed techniques for orphaned chicks/babies and hack them back into the wild. Also, to use lifetime grounded birds whose quality of life can be maintained in captivity for educational/conservation purposes.

To help and encourage people to support their backyard wildlife.

To run a nursery of indigenous and bird friendly tree species and promote native tree afforestation.

To create public awareness and provide solutions in order to reduce human-wildlife conflict.


Divyaraj is a professional wildlife rehabilitator based in Rajkot, Gujarat. Having studied wildlife rehab in South Africa he returned to his native homeland so that he could closely work with wildlife that suffer over here due to lack of proper care and treatment. Shah started his career by working as a vet assistant for various veterinary doctors and subsequently went on to establish his own wildlife rehab center. He has worked with many different species of wild birds and mammals. A member of IFAW-WTI’s Emergency Relief Network, he works with the forest department, zoos and other NGO’s in order to raise the standard of care and management practices for the permanent residents and rescued animals. In the past, he has also worked as the Field Biologist for the Bombay Natural History Society’s Vulture Safe Zone project in Gujarat.


Dipesh is a professional in the field of Human Resources, presently working for an MNC based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Although he has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, he is passionate about birds and reptiles. He has volunteered at wildlife rehab shelter run by Animal Help Foundation, Ahmedabad and has over a decade of experience in raptor husbandry and training techniques. He has specialized in working with raptors and due to his rich experience in dealing with a variety of birds; his knowledge in this area is unparalleled. A mentor to this organization, his able guidance has enabled us to successfully treat and release several difficult cases. His continuous moral help and support has helped our organization in developing good standards and innovative techniques of treatment and care.


Neerja is an architect from the I. P. School of Architecture, Gujarat. She is the Head Architect and Creative Director at C.R.O.W. A staunch believer in sustainable living, she believes in using her designing abilities to help and better nature and environment. She brings new ideas and innovations, which is reflected, through her work at our center. All her ideas are pro-environment which takes into consideration the vision and mission of our organization. She has been instrumental in designing the center since its inception. As the Creative Head, she and Bhardwaj are responsible for designing awareness illustrations for the center as well as its various outreach programs.


Aastha is professional counselor based at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. After successfully completing her Master's in Counseling Psychology from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, she relocated back to her hometown because she wanted to help the kids who don’t have access to such services there. She believes that humans have an innate potential for development and works with individuals and groups to facilitate the process of achieving wellbeing, life satisfaction, and positive mental health. Passionate about nature, especially mountains and rivers, she joined our team as volunteer fundraiser in 2014. She soon took on more responsibilities and currently she is the Public Relations Head for the center. Her main job is to coordinate with all our sustaining donors, government liaisoning and fundraising. A passionate classical dancer, she is persistent, dedicated and an invaluable asset to the center.


Chitra is a philanthropist and a homemaker. A graduate in the field of economics, she has a long track record of working for various social causes. She has, in the past, formed various clubs and groups for the empowerment of the underprivileged. She has also worked to educate the children of the needy and the homeless by sponsoring their education and taking free tuitions. She’s a social butterfly and loves to work with people dedicated to a cause. Her experience in working for various social causes is an asset to this organization and she helps us liaison with people through her networking skills. She also helps us promote our activities and reach a wider audience. She utilizes her skills and strengthens our public relations thereby creating awareness about the need for conservation and speaking up for those with a different voice.


Bharadwaj is an architect from the I. P. School of Architecture, Gujarat. He is in charge of the creative/architecture department along with Neerja Dave. His philosophy in architectural practice is based on economical and effective construction by implying vernacular building strategies and methodologies, which are contextualized for the present day’s technological needs. He invests his time between architectural practice and tutoring design students. Bharadwaj’s passion lies in music and animation. When he’s not strumming his guitar, you’d find him doodling comic strips and characters in his sketchbook, a glimpse of which you can see in our icons for raptors, wildlife conservation, advocacy and rehabilitation. He’s been instrumental in providing the center with necessary guidance on cost effective and aesthetic building strategies. As the joint head of the Creative Department, he is also responsible for designing icons, emblems, cartoons and graphics and illustrations for the center’s various outreach programs.


Bhargav is a graduate in the field of Information Technology from Dharamsinh Desai University, Gujarat. Being the ‘tech guru’ of our team, he is in charge of maintaining and keeping our website and various other online accounts running smoothly. He is also responsible for developing new content and ideas for the website as well as advising us on everything to do with technology and gadgets. Although his day job is that of an Associate for a Fortune 200 MNC, his passion lies in the arts! Apart from being a singer, he loves to travel and explore places, listen to classical and fusion music and dabble in graphic design. Passionate about the environment, he also has a keen interest in organic gardening and hydroponics. He is instrumental in keeping the center’s digital presence fresh and running.

The center is located on the Rajkot Bhavnagar highway on the outskirts of Kalipat village. Rajkot is well connected through road, rail and air. It’s at a distance of 225 km from Ahmedabad by road. From Aji crossroads, take the Bhavnagar highway. At approximately 8 km, turn right onto Kalipat main road. After around 1 km, turn left from the Kalipat Bus Stop and arrive at the center.